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We are Elko, Nevada's Hometown Restaurant

Some of the comments from our Comment Cards

The food was freakin AWESOME! The service UNREAL.  Very polite and helpful.  Awesome on the recommendation.  I travel all over the U.S. and this place is one of my favorites now. The service is AWESOME!
Nick, Michigan  

What a GREAT thing for you to do-(Campaign with animal shelter & local vets to spay & neuter critters)!  One reason I LOVE your restaurant - kudos!!!
Sara, Elko, NV

Maria was great and you have the best eggs benedict in the state of Nevada.
Karen, Elko

We were greeted with big sincere happy smiles.
Floyd & Karen T,  Santa Rosa, CA   

Gave my kids coloring papers and crayons RIGHT AWAY.  Lynette was so nice and kept checking on us! I really enjoyed it.
Maria K., Spring Creek, NV  

The amount of food is amazing for the price!!
Esther B., Spring Creek, NV  

Bean salad was excellent!
Kathy F., Elko, NV

Great you had cigars at location!
Dick, Crandall, TX  

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing….I was surprised you offer the black bean salad.  Wonderful to see healthy options!
Cheri W., Carlin, NV  

The fries are the best I have ever had.  Need a bigger plate with my burger so more fries fit!
Kerri S., Riverdale, UT  

It’s a great place to party…one of the best places in Elko.
Melanie K., Emigrant Pass, NV  

The steak and bleu BLEU my mind!
Bryce N., Virginia Beach, VA  

I was surprised by the huge lemon slices.
Sam R., Grandview, WA 

You checked up on us a lot and you were very kind.
Akira T., Elko, NV 

They refilled our drinks without asking.
Larteresta, Elko, NV

The service and food were amazing and I had a great time.
Anna, Spring Creek, NV

I love the veggies in the omlette!
Lisa, Elko, NV

Angel knew us by name.  Everything was so good!
Christi, Elko, NV

The fry sauce is SOOOOO good!
Seth, Elko, NV