Importance Of A Healthy Breakfast While On Holiday

Starting your day on a high note is important while on holiday. Why? Most likely, you are in a foreign place, are looking forward to sightseeing and making new friends. A great way to start your day while on holiday is by nourishing your body with a high quality breakfast specially crafted and prepared by a chef in your Torquay b&b accommodation. But why is breakfast so important especially while on holiday?

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During the night, your body requires glucose to function properly- to keep your brain and other core functions intact. As such, the stored glycogen is broken down into glucose and released into your blood stream as your sleep and rest. This depletes your glycogen supplies and therefore if you do not replenish this in time, your body will start breaking down fatty acids to provide the prerequisite glucose. 

The thing is, without carbohydrates, these fatty acids are only partially oxidised and this contributes to tiredness. Having a high quality breakfast replenishes the carbohydrates required in your body and ultimately boosts your energy levels. Skipping breakfast may keep you feeling tired and lazy which is not a good way to start your morning especially when you have a busy day ahead. 

Brain power

While on holiday, it is important to remain sharp and focused to prevent incidences that could put your life in harm's way. Tourists are a major target for pickpockets and other petty thieves. Therefore, a simple mistake could result in losing your valuables and being injured. In addition, navigation in a new environment requires a certain level of mental acuity since getting lost may also put you in an awkward position. Glucose is important in proper mental functioning, especially in the morning.  Therefore, you must ensure that you eat a healthy and well prepared breakfast before you leave your accommodation facilities. 

Better food choices throughout the day

Skipping breakfast not only deprives your body of energy but it can also result in weird cravings during the day and especially sugary cravings. You are therefore more likely to indulge in unhealthy snacking habits throughout the day which can be detrimental to your health and weight goals. So, why take the risk when you can easily solve the problem by having a healthy breakfast before you leave? Besides, this kind of breakfast will keep you full and energised for longer and therefore even if you do not adhere to strict meal times, your body will not experience extreme energy changes that may affect your mood.

Breakfast has been cited as one of the most important meals in a day and this is back by scientific evidence. Well, if you want to enjoy your holiday, you must take care of your mind and body. a great start to this is ensuring that you start your day on a high note by indulging in health breakfast rituals.